About Wolfwillow

Changes and plans

This site used to include an extensive section on the subject of radio astronomy and the use of scattered broadcast radio energy to observe and characterize meteor in-fall.

That section has been temporarily (at least) discontinued owing to most of the local FM channels being gobbled up by the CBC and commercial interests. I am trying to research something else comparably interesting but still making use of the old equipment which is modular and flexible enough to be suitable for many scientific purposes. We'll see.

Wolfwillow is now re-opened with the first offering being my efforts, opinions and findings in photography. This all comes in the form of "The White Creek Gallery".

There's no principle theme or intention involved with the development of this site. It's just a place to share some photographic experiences and in time, perhaps, a few other interests. If you enjoy anything at all here or find just one item of value, then this place has served its purpose. 

The Wolfwillow itself is a native aromatic shrub with silvery green leaves. It is well-known to everyone living in the western plains but especially prominent in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains here in Alberta.