All of today's pictures (with exception of the blackberries) taken with Nikon D800 and Nikon 300mm - F/2.8.

A Fine Day at the Beach

Even dogs were smiling.


Western Gull

The wary panhandler.


Surf's Up


Oregon Surfing

These guys were testing their luck about 1 mile north of Pelican Shores and a couple of hundred yards out. This being the continental shelf, surfers are mostly stuck with shore breaks and not liable to get a long ride very often no matter how rough the water. There are notable exceptions, however, such as Nelscott Reef, also off Lincoln City. Click HERE or Google the Reef to have a look.





This ragged and very thorny roadside brush produces the delicious blackberry. At this time you will find everything from blossoms to green and fully ripened fruit and there is a lot of it.