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For those interested in such things this page provides some technical information pertaining to these images and videos.


Still Pictures

Most taken with Nikon D800 or D7000 and various Nikon Lenses. These images have been re-sampled to 100 dpi which is the same resolution as most computer monitors. If your monitor is set to "native" resolution they will be properly displayed. Otherwise, expect some compromise in quality.

A few stills were taken with the video camera. These are not quite as good as those from the Nikons but for monitor presentation usually fine.

I don't intend posting EXIF data with every picture. These are really just ordinary snapshots and I seldom find such information useful anyway.



Sony HDR-PJ760V video camera unless otherwise noted (the Nikons can take movies too but are less convenient for this than a real video camera).

All videos taken at full hi-def resolution and then re-rendered with Sony "Vegas" to a more manageable size for download and/or streaming.


Viewing Images on a Monitor

For a more detailed discussion of what to expect when looking at pictures on your computer, click HERE. This information may prove helpful in understanding general issues relating to presentation of images on video monitors (computer and television).