Mt. Angel Abbey


Mt. Angel

Mt. Angel is a small, picturesque town about 18 miles northeast of Salem.  It is known for a number of attractions including a very popular "Oktoberfest" and the historic Benedictine Abbey. Much of the abbey is open to the public and there is no admission fee. There's plenty of parking. Anyone with an interest in architecture, history or just a quiet, beautiful place to walk and possibly take some photographs will find much to enjoy here. The abbey includes a small museum - just the right size for those who don't much enjoy musems. The collection ranges from the serious to the bizarre, depending upon what the monks found or had donated to them.

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Tourists Trying to Sniff the Roses



At the Museum: Largest ever Discovered Hair Ball Coughed Up by a Hog 

Among several oddities at the abbey musem


Museum: Stuffed wild Pig

Possible producer of that hair ball?


Museum: Stuffed Badger


View From the Top

The abbey is located at the summit of a mesa offering many beautiful views.