Purpose of this Site

The White Creek Gallery (Calgary, Alberta / Canada) is about the enjoyment of photography, sharing some images and discussing the exercise of craft in picture taking.  Whether your photographic interest is the travelogue, vacation scrap-book or salon, your creative potential will be best realized if you understand and learn to control the many technical factors influencing the appearance of a photograph.

Photographs at this site range from snapshots to commemorate the season or an event to images offering something I hope will prove special in more lasting ways. Text sections explore various subjects in photography, based on personal experience and findings along with supplementary web references.

Digital imaging is the dominant photo context here but you will also find reference to film and to scanned film in particular. Digital photography has come of age, displacing small format film almost entirely while recently encroaching even on the high resolution terrain of medium format.

This being an amateur site, the emphasis is on photography for its own sake. You will find tips on photo business practice elsewhere on the Web. The hope is that you will come across something here that makes photography more enjoyable and that the technical information and links will help save you time and money.

If there is a theme here at all (apart from photography in general), it is this: anyone can find great subject material in the National Parks but the real fun often lies in looking for something interesting, surprising and compelling in what's around us every day.



There are two menu sections usually displayed. The one along the top is used to select from major site sections. Clicking one of those elements opens a more detailed section menu on the left which is then used to display specific topics, sets of images, etc.


Web Style

A minor purpose of this site is to support experimentation with various presentation styles and software technologies. Accordingly, you will find some inconsistencies in appearance and behavior throughout (along with a few peculiarities) although these are generally minor. Once clear preferences are identified, style will gradually become more uniform.

Light text on a dark background has been chosen on the advice of experts who point out this reduces flare within the eye, thereby minimizing visual fatigue. Photographers, at least, ought to appreciate the merit in that argument. The traditional black on white originated with the ancient Egyptians who had only papyrus and cuttlefish ink to work with. In the 21st century we have other options.


Text Sections

Many of the subjects in the "Articles" section have been extensively covered at other sites. My intention in exploring these subjects from the standpoint of personal experience and understanding is that a fresh perspective can often lead to helpful insights otherwise eluding the reader. 



My photographic experience includes fifty years use of Nikon, Arca-Swiss (medium format), Sony, Panasonic and Mamiya (medium format) cameras.

My formal educational background (including graduate work) comprises physics, engineering, computer science and English literature.

For the most part I use Nikon digital equipment (DSLR) which is why this site will usually reference those products when discussion of hardware is warranted. This is not meant as a disparagement of other brands. Canon, Olympus and others also make superb products any serious amateur or professional can be happy with. You will obtain best results with a camera that satisfies your personal expectations regarding features, feel and approach to imaging. No one brand could possibly please everyone. For the most part, performance differences between well-known brands offered at similar price levels, targeting similar customers are minor or the perceptions resulting from over-active imaginations and product loyalty. Insofar as possible, opinions and observations here are based on direct experience which means reference to what is actually being used.

This site has no commercial connection with Nikon or any other photographic product or software manufacturer named.

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